• fruehlingspracht
  • paradisea liliastrum
  • visavis kalkschutt
  • alpenrose
  • bankplatz aussicht
  • fernrohr aussicht
  • arnica montana
  • sommerpracht
  • jasmin
  • epilobium fleischeri


The vegetation and flowering periods are strongly influenced by the weather. We recommend finding out about local weather conditions before your excursion.

These links will provide you with all information on the topic of weather:
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Schweizer Wetter und mehr... / Swiss weather and more...
Meteotest- Wetterberichte Schweiz & Europa / Forecasts Switzerland & Europe
Das Satellitenbild auf SF Schweizer Fernsehen
Der Wetter-Radar auf SF Schweizer Fernsehen

General information

Location: between 1950 and 2000 m altitude, exposure south to south-east.
Area: 8,323 m2
Snow-free period: approx. 150 days (first half of June to end of October)
Temperature: average annual temperature approx. +1°C (Interlaken, 570 m altitude: 7.5°C)
Average temperature during growing period: 8 – 9°C (Interlaken: 16.5°C)
Rainfall: Average approx. 1600 – 2000 mm (Interlaken 1180 mm), of which 800 – 1000 mm as snow
Geological subsoil: limestone, sandy limestone and dogger slate with blocks of limestone malm (from rockfalls).