• fruehlingspracht
  • paradisea liliastrum
  • visavis kalkschutt
  • alpenrose
  • bankplatz aussicht
  • fernrohr aussicht
  • arnica montana
  • sommerpracht
  • jasmin
  • epilobium fleischeri

Children's book - Louchi the Mountain Hare

Louchi is a little snow hare who lives at the foot of the Louchernhorn. Early one spring morning he spots a rowan tree full of berries far below in the Schynige Platte Botanical Alpine Garden. Just the thing for him – so he sets off to find it. On his search he has many exciting encounters. The fluffy edelweiss, the helpful arnica, the busy little snow mouse. But just where is that rowan tree? Perhaps the black grouse can help him.

Languages: German, English
Price: CHF 15.–
Available: Schynige Platte Alpine Garden or the Jungfrau Railways online shop at shop.jungfrau.ch

Kinderbuch Louchi UG en